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GNOME Terminal: Notification when command is finished

There is a patch to notify you as soon as a command in the gnome terminal finished working.

It workes by monitoring the changes:

  • start command (find, gcc, wget and so on)
  • switch to an other application (gnome terminal in to the background)
  • it detects after some seconds whether there was any new output and then decides whether to monitor for activity or for inactivity
  • if the command finished, the terminal window flashes

Some other users of GNOME and me had this idea a while ago. I also tried to develop a patch but did not have the time to finish it. The feature now was implemented by henux  who I found on rentacoder.

The patch and the .deb files (tested on Ubuntu 9.04, unfortunately the update manager sometimes replaces them):

GNOME Notification Patch with .debs Download

How to use it:

  1. Start GNOME Terminal
  2. Right Click:  Monitor for Inactivity/Activity

I recommend to have this always-on by changing the setting in Edit -> Profile Preferences

Have fun!