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USB-Missile Launcher for Panorama Photography Part 1

Since I went to Ethiopia the first time, I became interested in panoramic photography. Some samples can be found on AddisMap/Panorama. I took all these panoramas freehand. By chance I found the impressing website about KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) by James Gentles who recommended to use devices like the gigapan system for automatically shooting panoramas. I got the idea to modify my USB controlled missile launcher for taking panoramic pictures.

Hardware modification

Mechanical Barriers (at the case) and missing teeth

Unfortunately,  the missile launcher only turns 180°. To modify it for peaceful use, it has to be opened. We find two microswitches that are triggered as soon as the base reaches it’s limit and cause the electric motor to stop. Additionally there are two mechanical barriers.

A microswitch

At first, I removed one of these barriers and of the the trigger, fixed everything together and was hoping that it is now possible to do nearly 360° rotations. But, unfortunately some of the platform’s big gearwheel’s teeth are not fabricated. That is why we had to construct these additional teeth (thanks to my brother). As the stud for preventing > 360° turns accidentally was removed, this is fixed with some piece of plastics and superglue. Adding some additional teeth

The final gearwheel